Thursday, December 8, 2011

Personalized, Integrative Nutrition Therapy Using a Functional Medicine Approach

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Root Cause Nutrition Therapy...For A Healthier YOU

  • Welcome to a truly personalized experience focused on your nutritional health. A variety of nutrition therapies are available depending on your needs and your preferences.
    Not only does good nutrition provide your body’s fuel for energy, growth, and repair, but good nutrition communicates with your genes to:
    · prevent disease,
    · promote detoxification,
    · strengthen your immunity,
    · decrease inflammation,
    · maintain the structural integrity of your cells and joints,
    · decrease digestive disturbances
    · decrease oxidative stress, and
    - optimize your psychological equilibrium.

Good nutrition can be used to treat disorders, such as:
· Inflammatory bowel disease,
· Depression, Anxiety
· Autism spectrum disorders,
· Food allergies,
· Diabetes,
· Heart disease,
· Cancer, and

· Obesity.

Your Visit
· Your holistic, and forward-looking nutrition analysis may include an evaluation of your genetic and associated metabolic tendencies, cellular nutrition status and nutrient intake to provide a nutrition plan tailored to your biochemical uniqueness.

· A whole foods diet and professional grade supplements may be recommended to remedy imbalances and achieve optimal health.

· Prior to your first visit, you will be asked to submit a complete nutrition and medical history questionnaire and a diet and supplement record. Your nutritionist will use this as a starting point to understand your unique nutrition requirements.

· At each visit, you will need to bring diet records, supplements, and any updates to your medical information, including recent laboratory results to refine your nutrition plan.

· An open mind, a willingness to make change, and patience with the gradual process of personal transformation will ensure your success.
· Nugenso nutrition does not accept insurance, however, your licensed dietitian nutritionist may be reimbursable as an out-of-network provider. You will need to check with your insurance company to find out if you can submit your nutrition bill for reimbursement.

Office, phone,video and home consultations are available. Please contact the office by email or phone.
· Email regarding upcoming workshops, weight loss challenges and professional presentations, and check out

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We are located at the 95/93 split, just off Washington Street. 
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May you have good health!